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Keep track of your progress

Easy-to-access overview of your individual or your team’s professional development. Track your progress, set learning campaigns for your organization, and dive into the right courses, intel and wargames for you.


The org dashboard gives enterprise admins a God's eye view of their entire organization's learning. This shows where their learners are earning experience points, what their learners are doing, etc.

God’s-eye view

Access a full overview of your workforce. See the state of play across your entire organization. This view lets you track your entire org, teams within your org, and individual learners.

Learning campaigns allow organizations to assign courses, intel, and games to learners. The org dashboard allows group leaders and admins to track progress.

Learning campaigns

Create learning campaigns tailored to your organization’s needs. Track your team’s progress towards their goals. Learning campaigns mix courses, intel, games, and discussions into larger holistic learning on topics.

Bedrock's topic view shows users the learning competency model. Each node in the competency model is connected to another.

Lifelong learning

Keep track of your personalized and portable learning record with verifiable credentials. You'll earn experience points (XP) in different subjects to increase your mastery scores.

A course completion certificate. Users earn these certificates for completing courses on Bedrock Knowledge. These courses can be shared digitally or printed.

Watch your career accelerate

Earn credentials, badges, and experience points (XP) to showcase your professional development.