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Data Privacy & Security Summary

Legal Posture

Bedrock has a strong commitment to information security that extends from the security team to senior levels of the organization. This is demonstrated by having implemented, the following, information security controls:

• All data are stored in the United States using Microsoft Azure.
• All data are encrypted at rest using AES-256 and in-transit using at least TLS 1.2.
• All data are backed up daily/weekly/monthly and Disaster Recovery Plan is tested/updated annually.
• Production systems can only be remotely accessed by authorized employees possessing a valid multi-factor authentication (MFA) method.
• Bedrock requires authentication to production datastores to use authorized secure authentication mechanisms, such as unique SSH key.
• Bedrock prohibits confidential or sensitive customer data, by policy, from being used or stored in non-production systems/environments.
• An infrastructure monitoring tool is utilized to monitor systems, infrastructure, and performance and generates alerts when specific predefined thresholds are met.
• Bedrock utilizes a log management tool to identify events that may have a potential impact on Bedrock’s ability to achieve its security objectives.
• Bedrock ensures that user access to in-scope system components is based on job role and function or requires a documented access request form and manager approval prior to access being provisioned.
• Working towards SOC II Type 2 in 2023.