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Our serious games teach and reinforce skills

Gaming is an ideal beachhead to encourage collaboration and social interaction, important activities for long-term learning outcomes. All of our games use the same competency model that underpins bedrock’s courses and intel feeds.

The main face off screen in Red Team Cyber. This is where both sides lay out their cards and battle begins.


Of servicemembers think wargaming is important for their careers.


Of servicemembers think the armed services give them enough opportunities to play wargames.


There is no solitaire on Bedrock. Learners will play with and against real people, learning new skills and knowledge and learning how to apply those skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios and under pressure. Our library of games will drive professional learning and discovery for years to come.

Seven Empires

Seven empires is our variation of the famous (or perhaps infamous) classic wargame diplomacy. Set in europe, in the years leading to world war I, the game focuses on negotiation. While troop movements are important, it’s more important to carefully form and betray alliances with the other players.

Each player controls one of the major european powers (austria-hungary, england, france, germany, italy, russia, and turkey), and each player aims to defeat the others by winning possession of a majority of strategic provinces marked as supply centers on the map. Each season consists of negotiations, movement and attack orders, and adjustments. As players take control of more supply centers, they can build more units.

Red Team Cyber

This game pits the united states government against a state actor, hacktivist group, or cyber criminal syndicate. Red team cyber teaches real-world cybersecurity skills and helps people understand how cyber attacks get across the cyber kill chain. Use your cyber offensive and defensive capabilities to accomplish your objectives before your enemy can accomplish theirs.



Real-time chat

All games, whether adversarial or collaborative, include real-time chat. Work with peers to challenge preconceptions, enable deep understanding, and derive insights.

Immersive learning

Powerful game development platforms immerse users in dynamic, interactive environments designed to reinforce key concepts and enhance retention.

Competency model

Bedrock’s e-learning software meticulously records and tracks diverse learning experiences, ensuring an enriched and personalized learning journey.