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Future Typewriter

May 20th, 2024Ryan Evans

Bedrock’s Vision for Knowledge at Scale

In the 1930s, T.S. Eliot put pen to paper and wrote a short play in poetic verse called The Rock. One mournful stanza has had a particular appeal to readers over the years:

Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

This is something most people today can readily identify with, flooded as we are with data and information; inundated by the black mirrors in our pockets; trying to make sense of it all while we try to do something that increasingly feels incompatible with this distortive deluge: live meaningful lives.

The world wide web was supposed to set us free. And it’s true that it has opened paths to people, places, and things that were once out of our reach. But with every passing year, these paths have split off into so many different directions that we are lost in a maze of doubt, disquiet, and dead ends.

Decades before the internet, Eliot felt the same way, as he assessed the transformation and chaos that the Industrial Revolution had wrought. His answer was a return to tradition and a pre-industrial world. But this isn’t a realistic option. We must live in the world as it is. For example, while many of us might be confused and perhaps even understandably afraid of recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, these developments will not be reversed. The answer is to join together to understand the world and seek to shape its future rather than to seek an impossible return to the past.

Our mission at Bedrock is to provide high-quality, high-quantity trusted knowledge to enable enterprises and professionals to learn, think, decide, and act — and to do so together. We accomplish our mission through an enterprise SaaS social network that empowers people to build the knowledge and wisdom lost in the data and information (you can read more about the specifics of our product here).

This is why we are re-branding our company from Bedrock Learning to Bedrock Knowledge. It might seem like a small change, but it reflects our conviction that through collective effort and shared intelligence, we can reclaim the wisdom that often gets obscured in an overflow of information.

On Bedrock, insights are not just consumed, but are built upon and evolved, fostering a community that thrives on collaboration and innovation. By harnessing the power of our social network, we make it possible for individuals and organizations to not only navigate, but also illuminate the complexities of the modern world — to garner, earn, and generate knowledge. And, in doing so, create a safer and more prosperous world.