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The main face off screen in Red Team Cyber. This is where both sides lay out their cards and battle begins.

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Red Team Cyber

Union Completion Time: 45 mins
Union (1) Max players: 2

This game pits the United States government against a state actor, hacktivist group, or cyber criminal syndicate. Red Team Cyber teaches real-world cybersecurity skills and helps people understand how cyber attacks get across the cyber kill chain. Use your cyber offensive and defensive capabilities to accomplish your objectives before your enemy can accomplish theirs.

Learn cybersecurity fundamentals

Red Team Cyber has been built from the ground up to teach cybersecurity fundamentals. It is not only fun to play, but it is highly educational. Many players better understand cybersecurity fundamentals after playing Red Team Cyber than they do from traditional coursework.

Red Team Cyber is part of our competency map and is a perfect complement to our cybersecurity and information security courses and intel.

Set your defenses

The core of Red Team Cyber is to teach players the importance of a good cyber security posture. Players will set ongoing infrastructure that will help keep them secure each round. Players will set up capabilities to detect intrusions and attacks. Players will also set up capabilities to help them respond to attacks.

Build your attack

Cyber attacks aren’t just a click of a button or some random pounding on a keyboard like you see in a movie. Cyber attacks require reconnaissance to prod for vulnerabilities, a payload framework to allow for payload creation, and the understanding and selection of different attack types.

By learning how cyber attacks actually happen and work, players have a much deeper understanding of how to stay secure in their real lives.

Red Team Cyber is one of the best, most fun ways to learn cybersecurity fundamentals.